When is the right time for you to move to the VPS Service?

At some point your site will start to see traffic that cannot be handle by the shared hosting plan, it is time you need to move to VPS, as they are the stable and secure solution. There are now lots of VPS services like vps malaysia that you can use to grow your online business as they provide a custom plan depending on the needs of your business.

To know when you are going to need a vpsserver can be confusing, here is what you need to understand.

Problem with Shared Hosting
Your business site needs a server so that the public can access it. The servers are like a computer with special hardware and software set up. The shared hosting service hosts your website on their server along with multiple websites, which makes every website share the same resources.

When the traffic starts to increase on your website, the problem associated with shared hosting starts to rise. There are limited resources a server can provide for your website at a given time. When the numbers of site visitors increase, the resources that you can get for your website are not enough that results in slow loading speed and low performance of your website.

Here are two circumstances that you can use as a signal for when to move to vpsserver:

Hosting service provider put multiple websites on the same SSD Cloud VPS servers
When your business starts to grow and see a lot of traffic on your website
How VPS Service can help?
The lack of resources can result in performance issues of our website. Upgrading to the vpsserver is not a choice but your need. The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the same as the physical server where you will share a server with other user but the difference is you get a dedicated amount of resources for yourself.

Here is why you need to move to vpsserver from shared hosting:

You are going to share the Vpsserver too, but they are highly compartmentalized. Each VPS is its environment without any overlap.
Vpsserver allocates a dedicated amount of resources just for your site so that you do not face slowing down issues when traffic spikes.
You can upgrade the plan according to your business needs. VPS Malaysia and other VPS services offer a custom plan. You can upgrade to get more CPU power or more RAM.

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