What Are the Effective Methods to Recover from Web Migration Disaster?

Migrations happen in varying sizes and types like, hosting migration, platform migrations, domain-level migrations, architecture migrations, HTTP to HTTPS, subdomain to subfolder, etc. Migrations can be beneficial, but are intimidating at the same time. Improper migration can lead to a loss of web traffic, visibility, and eventually revenue.

In this article, we will tell you what a website owner needs to do to recover from a web migration disaster. WP 301 Redirects is a useful WordPress plugin that helps websites to quickly fix 404 errors, and automate redirections. This tool is made by Web Factory Ltd. Implementation of this plugin improves user experience, and SEO rankings of a website.

Steps to overcome a migration disaster

Here is a list of steps to repair the loss that has happened due to improper migration of the website.

Determine the most meaningful webpages of the website

Find the pages on the website that has seen a drastic reduction in visibility and web traffic. To do this, you need to do some online tools. You can analyze the historical and present data via Google Analytics. Analyze web pages based on impressions, ranking positions, clicks, web traffic before and after the migration.

Check whether the webpages are showing up for the same keywords

Make a list of all those keywords for which your webpages were ranking on the search results. Now after the website migration, check whether the pages are still appearing for the same keywords in the search results. Note whether there is any decline in their search page rankings.

Analyze your old and new webpages

The next thing that you need to do is to check any gaps and problems between the two versions. Check-in terms of metadata and indexation. Also, analyze the content that may also get altered or deleted while doing the migration.

Check the website redirection

Proper redirecting helps to maintain the integrity of the website’s URL structure. This ensures that a user will access the new web pages, and would not land on the 404 pages “resource not found” page. Any broken link will reduce your trustworthiness on the search engines. No website owner would want this to happen.

Such websites are regarded to be not worthy of indexing or crawling. You lose your place in both organic as well as paid searches on the web. Bad redirecting can also result in duplicated content. Google penalizes such websites. So, to prevent this condition you should replace all the old links by the new ones during migration.


So, we have seen that wrongly done migrations can harm your online business to a significant extent. The impacts of the damage can last for a longer-term. You should know that the task of migration requires a lot of planning. All the above steps will help you recover from the mistakes easily.

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