There are many smartphones available in the market and online. Every smartphone has different features and specialties. So certain people are confused so which to buy for them and which will be suitable for them. Nowadays, everyone wants a phone that works smoothly without causing any issues. And the phone price should also be in their budget. So, there’s a phone which is very finest, and people will buy that because of their specific features. The phone is OPPO A5s. It was launched in April 2019. And the demand for this smartphone model is high. Now, let’s see certain features of this smartphone.

The life of Battery

The batteries of the smartphones will have a defect at some point because the smartphone batteries are removable when you have a smartphone whose battery can be removed easily. Hence some people remove the battery of their often so, as a result, it causes problems of battery. And after that, you have to change the battery, which causes money. And your time will be wasted. To go to the shop and purchase a new one. Or if it is not there in the market, then you have to but the smartphone battery online, which causes extra fees due to shipping charges. After purchasing online, it takes time to come to your home. So, the time you waited for the battery is full of waste.

So to avoid these kinds of things, OPPO A5s has a non-removable battery. It can be opened by a mobile shop keeper. And the battery performance is 4230 mAh battery. You can use the phone for a long time. And not to put charging often.

Here, many people bought a memory card for themselves, due to less storage in their phones. And all other companies’ memory card charges different rates. And if the memory card is lost, all your data in the memory card is lost. So how will you find out? So to avoid their type of problems, there are two storage phones. You can buy any one of your choices. 32gb, 64gb storage. When you buy high storage of smartphones, you will not need any type of memory card to use it properly. And your data will not be lost anywhere.

Certain people want to buy a phone which can easily adjust according to their trousers. So the oppo a5s can be easily adjustable in any trousers without causing any issues. There is a smartphone that is too heavy. And to carry them and use them is a little tough for some people. But the OPPO A5s weight only 170 g. Even a small kid can also use it with its smooth back body of the smartphone.

So, as I told you that it comes with 32gb and 64gb storage if you want more. Means your data is not proper because it wants more space. Hence you can insert an SD card. You can insert memory card upto 256 GB. And store all your data.

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