The Best Version Of Payroll Software – Keka

Keka helps the employees to have the specific own SSO (single sign-on) mobile-optimized dashboard that would greatly help them access information about a wide range of aspects. This includes that of attendance, goal tracking, leave management and also that of the dashboard they can easily download there Pay slips and other useful documents. The best and most interesting aspect about Keka is that it has been able to make a whole lot of differences in the overall outcome which is exactly why more businesses are coming to use it.

Crucial software requirement

As the number of complexities and tracking requirements are always high in a work setup, businesses are looking for a more comprehensive and reliable kind of software that is able to carry out various businesses needs at one go. In this line, Keka Payroll software happens to be the most reliable, trusted and highly helpful one that is able to cater to various work requirements at one go. Right from that of goal setting to goal tracking, it provides the ultimate facility to carry out all the you want at one go.

Management of employee information

Employees can very well go on to update and maintain their details by way of making use of our employee self-service portal. It is greatly known to help in terms of optimizing time. Keka Employee Personal information management system helps to get together and update employee details just in a click which is quite easy and convenient as well. Right from that of leaves taken and also their overall attendance, one can get to know whatever they want in just about few seconds. There is no requirement for on to check and track each and every aspect as it is all available for one to access at one go. Check out Employee self service portal section to know more.

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