Programs That Have Been Developed by MLtek

MLtek is a company based in the United Kingdom and produces several programs that goal is to tackle several IT infrastructure tasks. All the staff has had an experience that is extensive working in positions in IT infrastructure and are quite familiar with the challenges in this field that are unique.

Formed in 2003

This company was formed in 2003 by Mark Laverty. While he was working in the IT industry and has work in that industry for over 10 years. During that decade Laverty identified numbers of gaps in this market for software specialized for the most common IT problems. But the problem is that those on the market today are too complex as well as being completely overpriced.


MLtek specialty is creating software that helps to solve large problems in ways that are simple. These programs include:

Process Controller
Ultimate Monitor
All of these are good examples of this company’s simple approach. Targeted, simple and clean designs are focused on a problem that is specific and are executed with a purpose that is single-minded. None of these programs have any ‘bloat’ or features that are not needed in any of these pieces of software. This company designs programs to do a task that is specific and is engineered to do the task as effectively as possible. The company is also members of a few industry organizations including the “Organization of Independent Software Vendors”. All of their solutions were developed to offer a simple yet effective answer to what is often a very challenging problem. Click here to see an index of these programs.


Unlike most of the products for archiving that are on the market currently, MLtek does not store files in a database of any type. This is the genius of this program. They use a share that the user creates anywhere on their network. It is the use of NTFS from beginning to end that makes this product:

So fast

Permissions for NTFS are maintained on the user’s files and folders after being processed – this is unlike other products that are mostly database centered. The user gets all the features expected including shortcuts that are left behind those users are able to recall files without having to hold up anyone on the IT staff. This program does not need a database to store information there so it is exceedingly cost-effective to get started. The user can even move files over a WAN to any cloud service such as Google Cloud, Azure or AWS.

Massive scalability

This gives users enormous scalability and at an astonishing price. Clients come from an assortment of circumstances including multi-billion-dollar multi-national companies to local government departments, educational institutions, health authorities, and almost everything in between. Not only can this program help users get the most of their existing storage tier, but at the same time can help with regulatory conformity such as Data Protection as well as the EU based GDPR prerequisites. Clients can find out more about ArchiverFS here.

Other products

To learn about their other products, several are listed here.

Process Controller

This is a program that allows the user to have control of all the processes running on their systems. This enables users to use the “processing priority engine” that is built into Windows to control exactly how processor time is dispersed among all running processes. Using Process Controller, the user can set priorities automatically for the running of processes and have them endure between reboots as well as process restarts, making systems much more receptive to end users. This is a valuable tool in Citrix as well as Terminal Server environments.

IP Spider

IP Spider is MLtek’s new “mass network routing monitoring” program. This program does something that is totally exclusive in the world of monitoring. Rather than focusing on endpoints, this program is designed to monitor the routes of networks between endpoints.

Hundreds of IP addresses

The user can add hundreds of IP addresses and the IP Spider will watch the routes to and from them and will notify when connectivity is lost as well as diagnose exactly where any problem is on the route. IP Spider uses a private learning engine that recognizes good as well as bad routes and can diagnose exactly where any connectivity has been lost. This includes connectivity lost on the internet, down VPN tunnels as well as others.

Beta testing sites

IP Spider is still currently in the test phase and this company is looking for beta sites to test it on. If you would like to be part of this testing please send an email to [email protected]. Work is underway on IP Spider, and they have developed the monitoring engine as well as are currently working on an interface as well as reporting functions.

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