7 Must-Know Things About Reseller Hosting

One of the most crucial services for a website is web hosting. Since a site resides on a web server, a good web hosting plan is usually the difference between the success and failure of the site. There are several web hosting companies that offer hosting packages to site owners around the world. However, these packages are generic and not tailored to a specific market segment. This is where Hosting Resellers come in. With customized packages and personalized services, these resellers have managed to carve a niche for themselves in the market.

Hosting Resellers purchase resources like server space, bandwidth and processing power from a hosting company, create small hosting packages and sell them to their clients. Since resellers cater to a smaller market as opposed to a hosting company, they can create customized packages and offer personalized services. Today, we are going to talk about seven must-know things about Reseller Hosting and how to become the best Reseller Hosting provider.

  1. Starting a Reseller Hosting business
    If you plan on becoming a Hosting Reseller, then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while starting your Reseller Hosting business:

Define your Reseller Hosting business goals.
Determine your target audience carefully. Focusing on a market segment will help you create customized packages and solve some issues faced by site owners in that segment.
Know your competition. This is an essential aspect as it will allow you to assess what plans and services are currently available to site owners and what you can do to make them better.
While you don’t need to be a technical expert to start a Reseller Hosting business, you can seem lost with the technicalities too. Hence, learn about server architecture, applications, software and hardware. Ensure that you know enough to explain the features and benefits of your packages to your clients.

  1. Choose your hosting company carefully
    While this should have been a part of the earlier point, it deserved a separate mention since the choice of hosting company is crucial to your success. As a reseller, you purchase resources from a hosting company and sell them to your clients in the form of hosting packages. Hence, your hosting provider’s performance will directly affect the performance of your Reseller Hosting services. So, ensure that you choose the hosting company after thorough research across all aspects.
  2. Optimize your revenue
    Follow these tips to maximize the profits of your Reseller Hosting business:

Price your hosting packages competitively
Run regular promotion and discount offers
Focus on client relations
Remember, Reseller Hosting can be a profitable business if you plan it right and approach it strategically.

  1. Use WHMCS for billing management
    WHMCS is an excellent tool for Hosting Resellers. It helps automate repetitive processes, simplifies billing management, and helps service your clients better.
  2. Focus on Customer Support
    One of the biggest reasons behind the success of Hosting Resellers is personalized service and support. Hosting companies run large-scale operations. Hence, offering personalized support is not possible. However, as a Hosting Reseller, since the number of clients is fewer, you can offer better support and win clients for life.
  3. Market & Promote your services
    In today’s times, marketing and promotion are essential to let people know that they have options in web hosting. Since you are focusing on a smaller market segment, ensure that the marketing activities are focused accordingly.
  4. Know the cost of doing business
    While Reseller Hosting is cheaper than starting a web hosting company, there are various costs associated with it. These include the cost of a Reseller Hosting plan, your own website, customer support (manpower and infrastructure, if applicable), and marketing & promotion.

Summing Up

Digitization has revolutionized the way we purchase products and services. Businesses have embraced this new normal and have been trying to boost their online presence by creating a website and leveraging social media platforms to reach out to existing and prospective customers. With this increased thrust towards digitization, the demand for website-related services has increased too. If you wish to ride this wave of demand and start a web hosting business, then Reseller Hosting is the most cost-effective and seamless way to do it. All the best!

Ruling in With the Backlinks for You Now

Until the mid-1990s, before the arrival of Google, search engines worked in a completely different way. To determine how high a website was included in the ranking, it was simply counted how often a keyword appeared on a page.

This simple way of determining the ranking of websites was very sensitive to abuse (search engine spam). For example, websites simply put the word ‘mp3’ on their pages hundreds of times because it was searched for a lot. You couldn’t buy or download MP3s on these websites, but it did bring them visitors.

You can imagine that the search engine users got quite frustrated with coming up on a website that didn’t offer what you were looking for at all. And that at a time when you still had to dial in with an analog modem and pay per minute for your internet access. You can buy backlinks and have the best results in SEO.


Larry Page and Sergey Brin had come up with a different way in 1996 to determine how high a website should be included in the search engine. They believed that important websites should be at the top of the search results and they figured out a way to determine that.

The number of backlinks and their quality

To determine whether a website is important, Page and Brin looked at the number of backlinks a website has. The (logical) assumption was that important websites would have more backlinks than less important websites.

They also looked at how important the website is from which you had the backlink. For example, a backlink from a university website is worth more than a backlink from the website of your pastry shop around the corner. To give websites value, they came up with a technique which they called PageRank.

The ranking based on backlinks worked much better than the techniques used by the other search engines and it didn’t take long for Google to become the most used search engine simply because Google could provide better search results than the other search engines.

Other ranking factors

The system of (weighted) counting of backlinks also turned out to be sensitive to manipulation and Google evolved and started to determine the ranking of websites on the basis of more and more factors.

It is estimated that Google currently determines the ranking of websites on the basis of 200 factors. Despite this, backlinks are still the most important factor in determining the ranking of websites.

If you look at the top 50 results in Google for keywords with a lot of competition, you will only find websites that have one or more backlinks. It’s almost impossible to rank well without backlinks, even if you have the most amazing content on your website.

Backlinks are therefore extremely important for your ranking. The big question is therefore; how do you get backlinks? In this article, we will give you tips on how to get backlinks and keep them from the pitfalls of link building. Before we start with the link building tips, we first consider a number of fundamentals of a good backlink profile.

A natural backlink profile

Google is constantly fighting against websites that want to manipulate their ranking in the search engine (search engine spam).

How to add subtitles to a video on MAC?

These days, it is a very hard task to watch a video without subtitles. A lot of good content is being released on various OTT platforms. Most of the content is in foreign languages for which you need subtitles to understand the context. The steps to follow to add subtitles to a video differs from one media player to another when it comes to MAC.

The easiest way to add subtitles to a video on MAC

When you are using video file formats with common extensions like AVI, then it is very easy to sync the subtitles to the video. There are certain file formats to which subtitles cannot be added directly. If you use a VLC media player for your MAC, then you can convert one file format to another and then add the subtitles to it. There is a whole lot of software available for a free trial and download online where one can convert the file format and then add subtitles to it.

Steps to add subtitles to a video on MAC using iSkysoft

These are the steps you need to follow to add subtitles to a video on MAC using iSkysoft.

Step 1:

Add the movie

You can either drag and drop the movie. Or you can click on the Add file button and upload the file.

Step 2:

Add the subtitles

In the software, you can see an option called Add subtitle on the display bar. As you click it, you can upload the subtitle file with the extension, .srt, .ass, etc., You will also be redirected to a site from where you can add subtitles.

Step 3:

Start the task

You need to start the task of adding subtitles. After the subtitle file has been uploaded, you need to close the window of the software. Open the movie using the media player and right-click to choose the Convert All option. The subtitles will be automatically added to the movie file.

How to add subtitles to the movie using Elmedia player?

These are the steps you need to follow to add subtitles using Elmedia player.

Mac media player like Elmedia players can search for subtitles online. When you want to see the downloaded subtitles, you need to use the option, Subtitles, open from opensubtitles.org.

The best part about the Elmedia player is that you can change the appearance of the subtitles as well.

These are the ways by which you need to add subtitles to the video on Media player MAC. There are a lot of other ways to add subtitles as well.

Top Reasons To Use An Enterprise Whatsapp Archiving Solution

In today’s digital era, the way people interact and communicate has seen significant change since the internet’s inception. For businesses, both small and large, this change is extensive, and it stresses the need to track messages and essential communications effectively.

As people rely on their devices, the use of various consumer messaging chat apps is also on the rise. The use of messaging chat apps can seamlessly blend into an employee’s everyday workflow. It can be a practical tool in helping to answer an inquiry and reach out to various clients.

The leading messaging app that is perceived to be the most popular among various enterprises is WhatsApp. Having reached a milestone of one billion daily active users, it stands to reason why businesses leverage this mobile channel to reach their customers. However, using WhatsApp comes with regulatory and legal risks, resulting in many companies banning its use in the workplace.

Furthermore, messaging apps’ convenient nature became a primary mode of communication for employees, and each device’s record of conversation branches out to even personal ones.

The method of whatsapp archiving can be a challenge in mitigating risks associated with using the app. Failing to monitor essential communications may expose an enterprise to legal consequences that might potentially hurt its integrity in the long run.

Fortunately, enterprises will not have to worry about such difficulties as TeleMessage offers text message archiving solutions to capture and retain messages effectively. Additionally, it can also archive WhatsApp messages while adhering to various compliance requirements and regulations.

Click this infographic from TeleMessage that discusses the top reasons to use an enterprise WhatsApp archiving solution.

Acquire To Know Amazon Is Impacted Europe By Antitrust Charges

AMZN has, on the other hand, thoroughly educated Wall Street to raise sales and pass over large profits into new business lines, allowing for decades the special benefit of dealing with virtually any rival according to a blueprint. Investors expecting Amazon to have anything similar to Walmart may have never seen the light of day technologies such as Alexa or Amazon Online Services.

Instead of this undertaking for customers it’s been focused on the concept of investors getting more enthusiastic about acquiring stocks and driving pricing up as Amazon expands, starts to expand in new markets and earns significant income. The Amazon stock price rose five years ago at the same point about 5.5 fold. It’s a virtuous loop.

The European Union reported anti-trust proceedings against Amazon on Tuesday claiming it had violated EU competitive regulations by using non-government information from small-scale retailers stocking their virtual shelves in order to discriminate against them.

Charges made

In the U.S., both in Congress and the Federal Trade Commission, Amazon has used seller ‘s data to discriminate against its own retailers. The European Union now declares that it claims that EU antitrust rules infringe on the internet giant’s data mining activities in Germany and France.

In a tweet, Margrethe Vestager, EU officer responsible for Digital Competition, said market force, such as Amazon, did not distort competition. Third party seller ‘s data on company cannot, because it is a rival for these vendors, be used to the advantage of Amazon.

AMZN said in a statement that it disagreed “with the Commission’s early assertions and will continue its efforts to ensure that the facts are correctly interpreted.”

No organisation cares more for small companies or over the past two decades has done more to help them than Amazon, he said, adding that more than 150,000 European companies sell through their online stores.

Around half of AMZN worldwide merchandise purchases are made by SMEs who list products for sale on their website. Amazon also stores and sells items itself, including a variety of things from Amazon. Both in Europe and in the US, antitrust regulators and regulatory bodies have been scrutinising the use of non-public data from the web results by Amazon as a distributor of other brands’ goods and the production of Amazon licenced items for purchases.

The Competition Commission reported Tuesday in the EU case that the data collection activities by Amazon help -Amazon to target its offers on the most selling goods for various types of products and to change its offers in view of the non-public data of rival retailers. If you want to buy the stock of Amazon, you can check cash flow at https://www.webull.com/cash-flow/nasdaq-amzn.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

How to get assistance for an internet marketing business

Internet marketing is a process by which you can promote your business online. Internet marketing is one of the growing sectors. Internet marketing can be considered as a good source to generate revenues. Internet marketing companies are the ones who help you with this.

If you are new then you must be in a dilemma that how you can do marketing on the internet?

The second question that must be coming into your mind will be how can you establish such companies?

Don’t take stress we are here to answer all the questions arising in your mind.

How to do internet marketing:
There are two ways in which you can do internet marketing. SEO which is known as search engine optimization and SEM which is search engine marketing are two ways of internet marketing. Various factors affect your marketing on the internet.

At first, you should keep in mind that your site should get traffic. You can do this by using the keyword that maximum peoples are searching for.
Then it is important to provide good content on the website so that the peoples should have an interest in reading it.
The title should be innovative.
Then you can optimize your site. There are certain things to be kept in mind for this.
Search engine marketing is done by charging per clicks. If a person clicks on your website or visits your website then you will get money.
Some people heir professional for this. Thus, here comes the role of internet marketing companies. These companies help you in optimizing the sites. They know how to optimize the site. How marketing is done on the internet.

Internet marketing company as a game-changer:
Suppose you created a website. Invested an amount of money on hosting. Done everything required and still, you are not getting visits on your website. If this situation happens then your motto of internet marketing fails.

Here an internet marketing company can become a game-changer. They are professionals with a lot of experience in this field. They can solve your problems easily. These companies help to increase traffic on your website. These companies can also help you with improving the ranking of the website.

You have a brief knowledge about the role of internet marketing companies and what they do. This information may be beneficial for you in choosing proper assistance. So, choose the right because you are investing an amount of money into it.

The History of Mobile Phone

In 1983, the world’s first mobile phone came out. It was Motorola DynaTAC. You would never have imagined the weight of this mobile phone. It weighed two pounds, equivalent to about 900 grams, and sold for 3,995 dollars. You know, at that time, that was a huge sum of money. The research of this mobile phone exceeded 10 years. Since then, the “weight loss” of the mobile phone has become faster and faster. Miniaturization and lightness were the goals of the mobile phone at that time.

By 1831, Faraday of France discovered the magical phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. Maxwell expounded the research results of Faraday and others with mathematical formulas. They popularized the theory of electromagnetic induction to the world.

142 years later, a man stood on the street and took out a wireless phone. The size of it was about the same as two bricks. After dialing the number, he started the call. This man was Martin Cooper, the inventor of the mobile phone. At that time, he was a Motorola employee.

In the 1980s, the mobile phone that appeared in American movies and TV works was first developed by Dr. Cooper of Motorola Company. This is the first generation (1G) mobile phone. The second generation is the most common mobile phones. These mobile phones have stable call quality and appropriate standby time.

By the 21st century, the mobile phone industry has exploded. The flip covers, slide covers and touch screens emerging one after another. Nokia, Lenovo, Xiaomi, until the iPhone appeared, knocked on the door of smart phones. Almost all the well-known companies have begun to attack the mobile phone screen. The era of full screen has followed. For example, Xiaomi MIX’s three-sided equal width full screen. HUAWEI HONOR 10 Lite‘s water drop full screen, iPhone x’s special-shaped full screen, etc. No one can imagine mobile phones can get this far.

After so many changes in mobile phones, the improvement is not only the screen, but also the processor. The network speed and endurance have been a great improvement. A strong processor is the core of the mobile phone. With the blessing of the processor, we can do more and more things with the mobile phone. In terms of network speed, the arrival of 5G era will be more glorious than 4G. If we are in the 3G era, we will feel that the increase in network speed at 4G will not be of great use. So is 5G. But is it true that the only increase in 4G is network speed? With the blessing of faster Internet speed, many industries have spawned. The rise of the short video industry and the arrival of the Internet are beyond expectation. The disturbance caused by 5G’s faster and faster network speed is not worse than 4G.

The battery life of the mobile phone is one of the keys. In the past, the mobile phone could last for 30 minutes. But today, you may only need to charge for 5 minutes to talk for half an hour.

The mobile phone industry always refreshing our eyes. What will the mobile phone look like in the future? Let’s wait and see.

Is choosing an affordable VPN any different from an expensive one?

There are many VPN services in the industry, and each of these providers offer different services and features for various reasons. Cybersecurity is important no matter what activity you carry out online, and a VPN is by far one of the best tools for it, among many others.

However, most users are often concerned about the amount of money that goes into a VPN. In fact there’s even a VPN myth regarding expensive VPN services being much more dependable compared to an affordable one. That’s completely untrue!

Price matters but that’s not all you need to look at
Usually, the first thing we look at before investing in a VPN is the price. But, 7 out of 10 times, most users often get flustered about the price and overlook everything else. You need to understand that price matters but that’s not all you should look at. There are many other factors to look into, for instance security, speeds, unblocking abilities, privacy policies, and more.

The fact is, there are many differences between an affordable VPN and an expensive one. You might go for the expensive one thinking it offers more in features and performance. At the same time, you might go for just any affordable one without conducting any research.

The main aspects of a VPN are about what’s on the inside and how it performs overall. The budget friendly prices are an added perk. However, there are quite a few top providers that offer the best VPN discounts, you just need to know how to choose them.

How to choose an affordable yet strong VPN
There’s always a way for you to distinguish between a great provider and one that’s a scam. If you take a look below, you’ll find a few details on how to choose or recognize them:

Security or advanced features
Online protection is the number one priority where a VPN is concerned. The provider you go with needs to offer a great deal of advanced security features that will protect your data and secure your privacy online.

Unblocking abilities and server coverage
In most circumstances, users invest in VPN services to be able to gain access to restricted content to or bypass strong geo-blocks from anywhere in the world. How are they going to do that if the VPN isn’t great enough? Make sure it offers unblocking features and a large server network for you to change or mask your original IP address.

Speed and bandwidth
If you’re a streaming buff, test the VPN out for fast speeds and provision of unlimited bandwidth. No one likes buffering or ISP throttling. When you connect to a VPN server, your speeds are consistent and faster.

Device compatibility
Choose a VPN that is compatible with multiple devices or the most popular ones. Most users protect not one but many devices. Make sure the VPN you choose is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Firestick, routers etc.

To conclude
Affordability of a VPN is a huge plus point, because there are many users who are on a budget. If, on case, you’re browsing for an affordable provider, the top VPN services in the industry are currently still offering the same discounts as the VPN deals on Black Friday.

Let’s be Familiar with keyloggers and their Uses

In computers there are many aspects of security and Keylogger is one of them. In simple words the major threats or thefts that recreating issues in today’s technology. Most people are facing these issues but now there is no need to get worried regarding these threats as there are several ways to escape from these worries. Users can protect their Windows 10 or any other window by using various steps. These ways can assist users to not become keyloggers thefts.

It is needed to understand the keylogger and their type as well as its way to enter into anyone’s systems. There are different ways to check the Keyloggers. Let’s understand some signs of Keylogger in the user’s computer.

Keystroke logger is the software that is being used to record the strokes of the window’s keystrokes. Cybercrime is one of the most serious issues in today’s era as hackers utilize many hazardous programs and install the same into a particular system. This is the first step to steal their personal information such as passwords, account details, user details, and credit card information, or other personal information. Most of the business owners are looking for Keyloggers who can assist them to save their data. This is also the easiest way to absorb children due to this parents also give preference to them.

There are different types of keyloggers like Software and Hardware. Let’s understand the same in detail- the software program is being installed by the hackers in the personal systems and the background silently. This is very difficult to detect these type of threat from the system.

In some cases, the software Keyloggers will record entries in web-based forms, and once you press the submit button, the Keyloggers capture the data before they passed on the internet.

There is ae hardware keylogger who directly infect any personal computer by making use of any hardware aspect. This is the simplest way to track or record personal information.

In different windows, it is very easy to track any threat, people just need to be a little bit conscious.

Let’s take a look–

In such situations, the users will get unwanted ads or pop-ups when they are online or doing any browsing activities. Or the browser can be redirected without any action from the user. There can be the website’s uncommon appearance and it can be an online threat for any window.

Besides this, users can also have some emails in the spam inbox of the user’s emails.

They can also see changes in the homepage of the browsers. Apart from this, multiple ways can be used by the keyloggers to enter into anyone’s computer. This is the way to hack Facebook, b account, or other details.

The computer is the base of every trade and without the internet, it is not possible to run any business in today’s era. So, it is needed for users to have some basic understanding of online threats. And for the same, above all information can be very beneficial.

The need for companies to opt for private cloud computing services

One of the deployment models that we have achieved through cloud computing is the Private cloud. It is run and owned by a single company or organization. The company could be located off-site or even on-site area. This signifies that the respective organization can only be able to handle and run a private cloud format.

Through WeHaveServers you can attain affordable and highly resourced private cloud services. As you already know that the resources are not shared with anyone, you can feel assured and safe with the available security measures. Apart from this, there are tons of benefits that companies attain through the private cloud. We have mentioned some below so that you can understand and decide when to shit to private cloud services for your business.

With dedicated hardware, you attain more security measures
Just as a dedicated or a collocated server, there are a few factors that need to be considered in the case of a private cloud. Yet with strong anti-virus software, proper rules for firewalls, and adequately placed physical security, you can feel assured that your data will always be in a safe and protected zone. In the case of a private cloud, you will be aware of the location of the server. The network and physical security will be uptight and secure. If you encounter any hardware issues you can call for support services anytime.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to buy automatic Instagram likes or you have to choose reputed sources to get automatic likes. If you are ready to get automatic Instagram likes then you can purchase and it will benefit a lot to your social media presence. Whether you choose to purchase the followers and like no one judges you but you can drive more leads and traffic to your Instagram account. There are many benefits to buy followers on Instagram and it might be a great way to share your content and get a great response. To buy likes and followers on Instagram, you must choose Fameoninsta.

More flexibility even after the transition from physical to virtual server
This comes as one of the most outstanding advantages of cloud computing. The capability of spinning and tearing down a server is quite a powerful thing to do. All of it taking place in just a few minutes. Through cloud computing services, you can now relocate all your resources in a matter of seconds. You do not need to get worried about finding a physical server. All of your server requirements will be well maintained and taken care of.