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Instagram Guides is here! The already extremely popular platform Instagram remains true to itself and its line and is continuously developing the social media “giants”. After breaking new ground with the last major update on IGTV, Instagram Guides should now be another way for users of the platform to present themselves or their own company even better. You can see IGTV and instagram stories even without an Instagram account. StoriesIG insta viewer will help you with this.

Instagram itself is increasingly developing into an “all-purpose weapon” for companies. After all, you can now not only share your own content on the platform. IGTV offers space for your own “sitcoms” of the appropriate length. In addition, there are the big steps in the area of “shopping”, which in the future should not only enable browsing for products, but also making a purchase on Instagram.

What are Instagram guides anyway?
These are the basics! After the introduction of Instagram Guides in May 2020, the feature has been available to all Instagram users since mid-November. With guides, Instagram expands the profile by another tab in which topics can be presented in more detail in a kind of blog. This is a great advantage, especially for companies! If you look closely, you can quickly see that Instagram guides are very reminiscent of conventional landing pages or a shop page.

Guides moves away from the image and video-heavy view of Instagram and is mostly text-based. In this case, the focus is actually on the added value that is to be generated for the customer. It has recently become clear that Instagram aims to increase the length of time visitors spend on the respective pages. With the guides, the next step in the direction of “even longer browsing” on the platform is taken.

How are Instagram guides used?
Currently, Instagram guides are primarily geared towards the current corona crisis. This gives users quick access to topics such as health, dealing with fear and mental health. Here, too, the advantages of the new function quickly become apparent, as information can easily be bundled in one place.

The interesting thing about guides is that the individual guides refer to existing posts from their own profile or from other users. These can then be provided with additional information. This creates a kind of “new” feed, which is made up of the various feeds of others and your own.

It is very easy to search for specific topics within guides. The most relevant hits from organizations, companies, brands and public figures are then displayed there. It can be assumed here that the full “strength” of the guides will only fully unfold when a large number of users on Instagram also use this feature. Because this is the only way to create the effect that the makers behind the new function actually want to achieve. Namely, that we – the users – don’t actually have to leave Instagram anymore to get the information we are looking for! The content of guides can be shared via direct message or in the Instagram story. A deep link is also available.

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