How to Convert EPUB to MOBI online?

If you are a fan of e-books and e-readers are your best friend, then you’ve probably heard of EPUB and MOBI file formats.

What is an EPUB file?

The EPUB or Electronic Publication file format is an open standard, HTML and CSS-based file format used for e-books. It is also compatible with the International Digital Publications Forum known as IDPF. EPUB Became one of the most popular e-book formats in the world now days. Because of this, EPUB is an industry-standard and compatible with almost all electronic readers and applications. Some of the best known are Apple iBooks, Adobe Digital Editions, Aldiko for Android, Google Play, Kobo, etc.

What is a MOBI file?

This type of file format has the famous DRM protection which makes it protected from copy and editing. This means that an e-book file is locked and you can only read it if you have a Kindle. However, the device linked to the Amazon account that bought the above e-book has one drawback to the MOBI file format and its incompatibility, which is why our users often use MOBI-to-EPUB or MOBI-to-PDF – Ask converters to help them.


The main difference between these formats is that EPUB is a widely used and vendor-neutral file format. However, when it comes to kindle devices, MOBI is the favorite.

If you want a file that is better suited for graphics and multimedia, you should choose EPUB instead of MOBI. However, if you have a plain text e-book that doesn’t take up a lot of space, then you should go for the MOBI file format. Regardless of your preferences and the file that best suits your needs; you can always convert any format to another. There are many ways to convert EPUB to MOBI and vice versa.

How to convert EPUB to MOBI online?

The simple way to convert your files online with help of MiConv tool: Just go straight to the EPUB to MOBI converter and follow a simple three-step process to convert EPUB to MOBI.

STEP 1 the first step is to upload files online. You can do this in step by step various ways. You can upload the file directly from your storage device or your computer. You can also use a well-known “drag and drop” method and add files for upload directly to Box A link to your EPUB files.

STEP 2 the second step in our EPUB to MOBI conversion process is the conversion itself. You don’t need to do anything in this step other than hitting the ‘Start Conversion button. The algorithm will take care of the rest, but you will have to wait a few moments for your files to be converted. , it’s ready in no time.

STEP 3 now is the time to download your new documents. You can click the Download Files button and download them directly. You can download it as a ZIP files as well. And that’s not all. You can even copy a link to your files and share it with your friends. Very good, don’t you think?