How to add subtitles to a video on MAC?

These days, it is a very hard task to watch a video without subtitles. A lot of good content is being released on various OTT platforms. Most of the content is in foreign languages for which you need subtitles to understand the context. The steps to follow to add subtitles to a video differs from one media player to another when it comes to MAC.

The easiest way to add subtitles to a video on MAC

When you are using video file formats with common extensions like AVI, then it is very easy to sync the subtitles to the video. There are certain file formats to which subtitles cannot be added directly. If you use a VLC media player for your MAC, then you can convert one file format to another and then add the subtitles to it. There is a whole lot of software available for a free trial and download online where one can convert the file format and then add subtitles to it.

Steps to add subtitles to a video on MAC using iSkysoft

These are the steps you need to follow to add subtitles to a video on MAC using iSkysoft.

Step 1:

Add the movie

You can either drag and drop the movie. Or you can click on the Add file button and upload the file.

Step 2:

Add the subtitles

In the software, you can see an option called Add subtitle on the display bar. As you click it, you can upload the subtitle file with the extension, .srt, .ass, etc., You will also be redirected to a site from where you can add subtitles.

Step 3:

Start the task

You need to start the task of adding subtitles. After the subtitle file has been uploaded, you need to close the window of the software. Open the movie using the media player and right-click to choose the Convert All option. The subtitles will be automatically added to the movie file.

How to add subtitles to the movie using Elmedia player?

These are the steps you need to follow to add subtitles using Elmedia player.

Mac media player like Elmedia players can search for subtitles online. When you want to see the downloaded subtitles, you need to use the option, Subtitles, open from

The best part about the Elmedia player is that you can change the appearance of the subtitles as well.

These are the ways by which you need to add subtitles to the video on Media player MAC. There are a lot of other ways to add subtitles as well.

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