How Can You Increase Instant Instagram Story Views That Can Change Your Social Media Game?

Ever since its inception, Instagram has become an instant hit with social media users. Just like many other media platforms, Instagram has managed to attract the attention of people of all age groups globally. It started as a photo-sharing platform, and today Instagram is one of the major platforms that influencers, celebrities, and well-known personalities use as a marketing platform. The higher the number of followers in your account and instant instagram story views you get in your stories; the Instagram algorithm would allow your post to appear on top.

Earlier Instagram used to show how many people have liked your photos to your followers, however that has recently changed, and now Instagram hides the number of people who liked your post from the public. However, it matters just as much. With the changing algorithm of Instagram, now that people cannot see the number of likes on a picture many influencers have experienced dropped in their Instagram likes. The main reason for hiding the number of Instagram likes was to keep the platform healthier and less competitive.

How to get more instant instagram story views?

Today’s generation looks for validation on social media and their confidence fuelled by the number of instant instagram story views that they get on their photos. Since it is also a great platform to practice your social media marketing, if you have a shop or small business, likes on your posts would matter to you. So how do you get more likes and stay ahead of the game? The trick is to post regularly. That does not mean you need to post every single day, which would be great if you could. However, if you have a small business and are looking for exposure, the likes in your posts are a proper way to get it.

Follow these steps:

Make a schedule for posting regularly like posting twice or thrice a week. That way Instagram algorithm will bring your posts to the top of the search pages and your followers will know what time to expect your post. Since Instagram users are increasing at a rapid rate every day, what can be a better way to advertise your product? Consistent uploading also means the number of likes increasing in your posts.

Following the right hashtags will bring in more likes. Instagram posts and hashtags go hand in hand. Instagram allows you to use only a limited number of hashtags i.e. 30, so choose your hashtags wisely. Top trending hashtags will always appear on top, so you could either choose it or choose one that is closest.

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