AVG Antivirus Free

Protecting digital data in the 21st century has become extremely mandatory especially with the development of technology and the excessive usage of digital platforms and smart devices. Our smartphones and other smart devices have taken up all the chores we do on a daily basis. You name it, and your smartphone has an app to successfully complete that task. This is super beneficial to us all as it saves so much time from our busy and hectic schedule and gives you more time for relaxation. 

However, due to all of our sensitive data being available freely in the digital world, whether it is banking, paying bills, shopping or even studying and sending emails, the protection of these data from viruses and other harmful malware is mandatory. Android is dedicated to providing the best apps on its play store and the AVG Antivirus will surely be the best choice for all its users wanting to protect their data from all the harmful viruses and malicious sites out there.

This is a dedicated virus guard application. If you are looking for cleaning application with virus guard, it is better to choose nox cleaner, clean master, ccleaner, etc.

Keep our data safe

The app keeps all your personal data safe and protected with its app lock, photo vault and other methods such as a Wi-Fi security scan, hacker alerts and many more of its amazing features for absolutely free. The app allows you to protect your files and data with passwords, fingerprint protection and pins. 

This way, you will never have to worry about losing your important files or data. The app not only keeps your information protected, but it also allows you to locate your device in case of a misplacement or theft using google maps. The wi-fi scan available on the app makes sure your phone only gets connected to safe networks, thereby safeguarding all of your personal and sensitive data. 

With the app by your side, you can stop worrying about visiting malicious sites while browsing the internet as the app will instantly block all malicious and suspicious sites, sending you a warning of this activity. 

The app not only provides protection to your phone, but it also located unnecessary apps and junk files that contribute to slowing down your device and gets rid of them once and for all. This allows more storage space on your phone and also improves the performance of your device and optimises its battery life. It also gives you a comprehensive report on where your data has been compromised in data leaks and warns you of any such suspicious activities and keeps track of the details where such occurrences took place in the past as well. The app indeed performs wonders and provides a guaranteed protection to your device and all the sensitive information it holds allowing you to enjoy more storage space with optimum performance!

Download AVG Antivirus App for Android

This is a free Android virus guard. One of the best and effect virus cleaning and protecting application. You can easily download this application using your default app store. Open Play Store and go to search and type app name. You will see this app on play store.

For devices without play store or unable to install this free virus guard using play store, can use AC Market. AC Market is the biggest alternative Android App Store for Play Store. AC Market also available for Windows 11. Click here to download AC Market for Windows 11.