7 Must-Know Things About Reseller Hosting

One of the most crucial services for a website is web hosting. Since a site resides on a web server, a good web hosting plan is usually the difference between the success and failure of the site. There are several web hosting companies that offer hosting packages to site owners around the world. However, these packages are generic and not tailored to a specific market segment. This is where Hosting Resellers come in. With customized packages and personalized services, these resellers have managed to carve a niche for themselves in the market.

Hosting Resellers purchase resources like server space, bandwidth and processing power from a hosting company, create small hosting packages and sell them to their clients. Since resellers cater to a smaller market as opposed to a hosting company, they can create customized packages and offer personalized services. Today, we are going to talk about seven must-know things about Reseller Hosting and how to become the best Reseller Hosting provider.

  1. Starting a Reseller Hosting business
    If you plan on becoming a Hosting Reseller, then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while starting your Reseller Hosting business:

Define your Reseller Hosting business goals.
Determine your target audience carefully. Focusing on a market segment will help you create customized packages and solve some issues faced by site owners in that segment.
Know your competition. This is an essential aspect as it will allow you to assess what plans and services are currently available to site owners and what you can do to make them better.
While you don’t need to be a technical expert to start a Reseller Hosting business, you can seem lost with the technicalities too. Hence, learn about server architecture, applications, software and hardware. Ensure that you know enough to explain the features and benefits of your packages to your clients.

  1. Choose your hosting company carefully
    While this should have been a part of the earlier point, it deserved a separate mention since the choice of hosting company is crucial to your success. As a reseller, you purchase resources from a hosting company and sell them to your clients in the form of hosting packages. Hence, your hosting provider’s performance will directly affect the performance of your Reseller Hosting services. So, ensure that you choose the hosting company after thorough research across all aspects.
  2. Optimize your revenue
    Follow these tips to maximize the profits of your Reseller Hosting business:

Price your hosting packages competitively
Run regular promotion and discount offers
Focus on client relations
Remember, Reseller Hosting can be a profitable business if you plan it right and approach it strategically.

  1. Use WHMCS for billing management
    WHMCS is an excellent tool for Hosting Resellers. It helps automate repetitive processes, simplifies billing management, and helps service your clients better.
  2. Focus on Customer Support
    One of the biggest reasons behind the success of Hosting Resellers is personalized service and support. Hosting companies run large-scale operations. Hence, offering personalized support is not possible. However, as a Hosting Reseller, since the number of clients is fewer, you can offer better support and win clients for life.
  3. Market & Promote your services
    In today’s times, marketing and promotion are essential to let people know that they have options in web hosting. Since you are focusing on a smaller market segment, ensure that the marketing activities are focused accordingly.
  4. Know the cost of doing business
    While Reseller Hosting is cheaper than starting a web hosting company, there are various costs associated with it. These include the cost of a Reseller Hosting plan, your own website, customer support (manpower and infrastructure, if applicable), and marketing & promotion.

Summing Up

Digitization has revolutionized the way we purchase products and services. Businesses have embraced this new normal and have been trying to boost their online presence by creating a website and leveraging social media platforms to reach out to existing and prospective customers. With this increased thrust towards digitization, the demand for website-related services has increased too. If you wish to ride this wave of demand and start a web hosting business, then Reseller Hosting is the most cost-effective and seamless way to do it. All the best!

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