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6 Mistakes to Avoid In FB Marketing

Investment in Facebook advertising can prove expensive. But, if you are getting good quality results in the end, then this expense may not seem like a big deal. However, it is wise to note that there are too many marketers who advertise on Facebook without a proper systematic approach, therefore finding themselves falling into costly pitfalls.

We know you may be using Facebook on a daily basis, but when it comes to marketing your services and solutions online, working with a Facebook marketing company is crucial because they will prevent you from making costly mistakes like:

1- Overlooking video as a marketing method: Facebook reports suggest that almost 15000 pieces of content can appear on a user’s feed each time they log into Facebook. Well, this only states that more content is being made compared to what a user can absorb.

After reviewing a year’s worth of content and engagements on Facebook, BuzzSumo found that even though posts that contain links and images may have declined interactions but the same cannot be said about video posts. In fact, there was an increase of 10% in engagement on the video posts from the previous year.

And still, video posts aren’t as prominent as other types of content on Facebook. By investing in video-based ads, marketers can fill the void and gain traction.

2- Not being specific when targeting: Not every person that sees a particular ad will have the same favourable response; some may not respond at all.

That is why being realistic when determining the number of people to target is crucial.

Facebook’s advertising interface provides recommendations about the potential number of people an ad can reach based on the spending you wish to do. So, if you have a large audience, try narrowing down the list based on age, gender and geographic areas.

3- Failing to monitor the ads properly: No matter what type of marketing campaign you run, monitoring is a crucial part of the campaign’s success.

With Facebook, you are offered handy automation tools. However, relying completely on these tools isn’t a fair practice. Besides using the tools, make sure to check your target audience’s comments on Facebook ads to gain an accurate measure of whether your campaign is working in favour or annoying the audience.

Also, avoid targeting the same people with the same content continuously, as that could frustrate the audience.

4- Choosing the wrong ad type for the intended action: Facebook gives you the opportunity to choose from various types of ads, which sometimes can prove problematic.

It is possible to make mistakes when picking the ad type without realizing if it is the most relevant type of ad for the expected response or not.

The various types of ads offered by Facebook focus on boosting attendance at events, gain people’s attention to a website or urge the users to install an application. So, go ahead and get familiar with each type and understand its purpose. This way, you reduce the likelihood of choosing an ad that doesn’t quite connect with your targeted audience.

5- Testing too many things at once: Testing different kinds of Facebook ads with your audience is a fair process. But testing should happen carefully and contain enough isolation to comprehend which features of the ads have the highest impact on the audience.

So, make sure to isolate your ad variables, or else you will find it difficult to understand which characteristic inspired and more positive reaction.

6- Making decisions for future marketing too quickly: Many marketers assume that there won’t be major changes in user’s perceptions of the brand or even societal opinions of advertising channels before the end of the campaign.

This results in planning for the next campaign with the same tactics too soon. However, running campaigns with such data can backfire. This is one of the reasons why marketers upgrade, improve and make tweaks in new campaigns based on previous one’s flaws.

Final thoughts

Crafting a Facebook campaign is similar to taking a drastic step towards the development of your business. Even a single mistake can obstruct the expected results.

So, work with a reliable Facebook marketing company and let the professionals work on campaigns that result in larger than expected payoffs.

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