4 Guest Posting Tips for Growing Your Website

Sharing your expertise as a business on another company’s website is a valuable digital marketing strategy. As you work with your web agency to launch a powerful website, you need to strategize on ways to establish yourself as an authority brand online.

Guest blogging offers businesses an excellent opportunity to build relationships with thought leaders in your industry while at the same time establishing yourself as an authority brand.

Do your homework

Guest blogging doesn’t start randomly. That is why you need to have guest posting goals to guide your strategy. Research is a critical step in your journey. First, you need to have sight of the available guest blogging opportunities.

Look for websites or blogs in your field and other areas that may be of interest. Using these categories, look for websites that resonate with your options. Understand the topics the blogs cover and determine if there is a new approach you could take to structure your posts.

Create quality content

To create quality and actionable content, avoid being overly promotional. Consider the audience of the guest blog or website to create content that fits the readers. If the webmaster has existing guest posting standards or guidelines, put them into consideration.

Provide value by giving the readers content that they can take away, and that is helpful. This will increase the chances of your post being published on the target website. Ensure that your post is publish-worthy by proofreading it. Do not leave the publisher with the job of refining your work.

Make the post catchy enough to drive the visitors back to your website.

Include a call to action

Include a call to action in your byline to encourage the readers to visit your website. This is the only time you are allowed to appear promotional. The byline should essentially highlight who you are and where the readers can find more information about you.

Depending on the nature of the blog, you can ask the readers to comment on your post, share the post with their networks, or click on a link that will land them on a related post on your website.

Get feedback from the blog owners and engage with the blog submissions

Why do you need feedback from the guest blog? This is to keep the relationship and conversation going and have sight into other available guest blogging opportunities.

Also, check the comments submitted by the readers and engage with them. This will help you identify gaps and opportunities for future posts and engagements.


Guest blogging on authority websites can give you the exposure you need to your targeted audience. Digital marketers use the strategy to expand their network, grow their traffic and social media following, and generate qualified leads.

Guest posting is a website growth strategy that banks on brand awareness. Once you identify an authority website to post on, create worthy content that will be helpful to the readers and drive traffic to your pages.

Include a call to action, and don’t forget to track feedback from the blog owners and readers.